case study

MAKO Medical

A health care diagnostic laboratory specializing in helping you take control of your healthcare.

What We Did
  • Custom Packaging
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sourcing
  • Quality Control at the Factory
  • Domestic Warehousing

Mako needed a reliable Lab Supply partner as COVID-19 disrupted their supply chain which left Mako’s testing sites unable to perform their services that supported their community.


MAKO partnered with Chain Solutions to develop customized COVID-19 testing kits to support their various testing site requirements throughout the country. Chain Solutions supported MAKO's growing demand by sourcing a high throughput FDA/EUA approved factory that could produce 1 million kits per day. As new challenges arose, in the volatile COVID-19 landscape, Chain Solutions was able to quickly adapt to MAKO's needs by altering packaging, adding components to their kits like biohazard bags, extra swabs, various pack out quantities, and adding barcodes and QR codes to streamline testing.